Prepare Your Lot for a New Addition with Excavation Services

Prepare Your Lot for a New Addition with Excavation Services

Book our local excavation contractors in the Roxboro, NC area

Are you preparing to install a foundation for a new building or a room addition? Are you installing a pool or driveway? The local excavation contractors at Epps Inc can set the stage.

We offer local excavation services for homeowners and business owners in the Roxboro, NC area. Our services include:

  • Light drainage excavation
  • Foundation excavation
  • Home addition excavation
  • Pool excavation
We can also provide other services to prepare your site, including light demolition and land clearing services. We'll also be happy to collaborate with any other contractors working on your site. Contact our local excavation company now to talk about what we can do for you.

You can book our fair-priced excavation services to move dirt, gravel, sand or mulch on your property. We're fully equipped for large and small residential and commercial projects, from yard clearing to foundation excavation, including custom projects. We can also prepare your property to be graded or paved. For a free estimate on local excavation services, call 845-406-5987 now.